There are rampant reports that President Obama is a Muslim who claims to be a Christian. Mitt Romney is a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) who also claims to be a Christian according to these reports and no one can agree if Mormons are Christians.

Muslims are certainly not Christians but would claim their heritage back to the biblical Abraham. While they do not accept the New Testament, they are a “people of the Book” along with Jews (I really hate this word because it only applies to two tribes and don’t know who does and doesn’t like it), Christians, and Muslims.

Lattery-Day Saints (Mormons) accept Christ so I would certainly have no problems calling them Christians, however most Evanglicals (especially) would not. Mormons tend to study Muslim and Jewish thought and find kinship, especially at their Apologetic body, called Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship (formerly FARMS).

So, what’s your opinion: What is a Christian? What qualifies someone to use that term, or is it just the use of that term that qualifies them?