I was raised in a rather Conservative household. We had guns and believed in their use for self-defense. We believed in male members joining the Service in some form. We voted conscience, instead of Republican. That was probably because of being a Georgian, we hadn’t seen a Republican Governor for some time (up until Sonny Purdue broke the streak). We were poor but we were happy.

About three years ago, I returned to Christianity after exploring eastern and neo-Pagan religions. It just seemed like God was calling me back like my Granny calling me to dinner. My world-view has stayed Conservative where it comes to family, but I still vote conscience. I served in the army until a disability became an issue. (I think it’s a mistake to bring a knife to any other kind of fight, and that’s all I’ll say about that issue.)

My worldview is going through another turn. I feel beckoned outside to help out the Occupiers. I spent a fair amount of my time since moving to Tucson in study or in volunteer work with the Local VA or charities. I feel that abortion and homosexuality are issues that my version of “church” has focused too much on.

I don’t know if I’ll ever help out with the Occupiers due to several personal issues that would cause conflict. However, I feel that if they need any help from behind a computer, I’ll be there to write a letter or send an e-mail. I’ve been doing that, all along.