I have done so many things wrong. I have never turned anyone away for sexual orientation, because they were of a different skin color, or a different gender. However, I have made judgements based on their “reverse” sex/race-isms… as if there is any ism to be had without the power of prejudice and the power of, well, power.

While just through my upbringing, I’ll find it hard to ever see people equal. My parents weren’t really racist. They just believed in an equality to be had like a prize when it was fought for. Unfortunately, that equality is not there.

We have to stop seeing others enriched until those without in education, monies, and other things receive. Those who are rich need to realize they are rich in order to provide others with jobs, with freedom.

I can never change who I was, and an apology will never change it. I am sorry, but the Lord will receive that apology because I have been cruel to noone but myself. However, I can change who I will be. That is the great adventure.