I have a teacher who is a devotional teacher. He teaches about the Bible or Church History, but applies a very devotional understanding to how he puts forth his teachings. However, I was given an unusual instruction for a short paper, Saturday. I was told to write a history of a church I was involved in, while not teaching the same church as any other member of our class. Though, there were three people that attended my regular, Sunday church. This made it where I possibly have to do another church, and I only attend a “Progressive Church” for video teachings.

The main problem with writing about this “Progressive Church” is that I feel that my teacher is not going to like the “Progressive Church’s” vision for life. Though, I have no choice to keep from writing about what the other two students are writing about.

So, I wrote my three-page paper on the demographics, belief, and history of Rincon United Church of Christ, in Tucson, AZ. I’m not sure my teacher will approve. Though, it is done. I have been honest about the truly kind and unique people of this “Progressive Church.”