So, I was invited today to a Million-Hoodie-March here in Tucson. Coming from a Conservative home in the South that valued their guns more than anything, I am looking back to my Grandparents. My Grandfather (Paw) was a Raccoon Hunter. I hunted a few times, mostly to bond with him, before becoming a vegetarian for about six years.  My Grandmother (Granny)  was a seemingly stern woman that only came out as her own person after my Grandfather died.I don’t think I will be making the Million-Hoodie-March. First, someone scheduled it opposite the Cesar Chavez parade here in Tucson. Second, it’s my wife’s birthday. This makes for a sticky situation. Anyway, the way it’s been reported by CNN (I find FOX News too Conservative and MSNBC too liberal), the Stand Your Ground law was made to be for equivalent retribution. A gun should have been followed up with another gun. Not a bag of skittles with a gun. Last I heard, bags of skittles weren’t lethal.