I am a veteran. I was an Army Infantryman with 1/503 Airborne (AASLT). I never jumped out of a helicopter and plane. However, one day I had the honor of meeting the two finest men in my life. PFC (SGT at his death) Edward Forrest and PFC (SPC at his death) Justin Culbreth. these guys stood out to me as guys that just cared about everyone else. I was the kind of guy that wasn’t great at the things they were great at. I had my own set of strengths (Like keeping my uniform flatpressed … yeah, it dates me). I am a Digital Stormer for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. For the guys I see sleeping on the hard group to have some dignity. For the guys who live on disability after fighting a hard, long war. But mostly, for Culbreth and Forrest and their families. Two good friends died to give us freedom. They probably wouldn’t have recognized it as that. But I will. My family will. Let’s Start the Storm!