I’ve been looking forward to getting back to blogging. Twitter and Facebook holds people I’m trying to be more social with, however, blogging is something I don’t want to lose track of. I wrote my newest paper recently, on the Knights Templar. Unfortunately, most of what happened in their late period is left to legends and secret societies. The Curse placed on Clement V and Phillip the Fair of France was extended to the French line of Kings. The main problem with this, as far as I’m concerned is that the French lineage of Kings were supposed to be Christ’s and Mary Magdelene’s children. How could Jacques de Molay (whom the Young Men’s arm of the Masonic Secret Societies are named after) have cursed Jesus’ and Magdelene’s children (Whichever one you decide was divine, according to The DaVinci Code)? So, I place the last years of de Molay and the Knights Templar in legends. The truth was well noticed in how the end was related to Phillip the Fair basically having a lackey (Clement) become Pope. You can’t have a Babylonian Captivity without a Babylonian Captive. Clement was the captive if you are favorable to the papacy. De Molay was the captive if you are not favorable towards Clement. Cheers.