I recently won a couple of tickets to see movies. Since it had been six months since I got them, and my wife was out of town, I decided to go see The Avengers and Battleship. As a patriotic person, I found Battleship to be the better of the two. Most people don’t want to see Transformers in  Kiddie Pool, which they felt Battleship was. I loved Battleship once it got an hour from the end. 

There are some crazy stuff happening at the NATO Protests in Chicago. G8 was probably wise to move, which moved Rahm Emmanuel’s house to be the start. There were some arrests where Molotov Cocktails were allegedly made, but the response is that they were only making home-brew beer. There are some people that have been hurt, and history will say they got violent, but it may not be true. The government tends to listen to those in power and will continue to.