So, yesterday, I had a bad feeling so I decided to try to check the syllabus of the Advanced Computer Applications course I am in. I thought that it took place on Wednesday evenings. The schedule said Tuesday, after I had looked. I looked at the posting over which I signed up for the class and it said it was on Wednesday. My wife, disappointed that I was going in that night (so it seemed), complained a bit over my flexibility. It seemed to her that I was the most flexible person she knew and any rational person would have had to drop the class. Well, I called the Adjunct Instructor involved, and get a voice mail. I called the University’s office and found out that it was on Tuesday’s, and that the the Instructor had been trying to change it. I didn’t ask what the change was. I settled down and decided that I should go to class to peruse over the syllabus along with everyone else. I figured, if any questions were to be asked, I could learn from the experience of others. The Instructor shortly called me back to tell me that the class “technically” was on Tuesday. That said, he wanted to filter everyone through on one night; Wednesday. The idea was that he taught two hybrid-online classes. If he could do them all on one night, Wednesday, that we would be able to allow him to take a night off for work or whatever. I agreed to come in one Wednesday in order to help him out, since I consider him a friend. My wife, once again, praised my flexibility to do what was asked. I don’t see doing what is asked as a bad thing. My wife sees doing what she finds best to be a better sense of morality. Sigh. Strange Schedule, huh?

After going over Elephant Journal’s Bhagavad Gita in a Nutshell, I went out with some store credit that I had and bought three books. I bought Eknath Easwaran’s translation of the Gita. I bought the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, which is a better known work. It is 3:54 AM, so I’m not going to struggle with lettering to tell you the name of the Swami. I also bought a book on Socially Engaged Buddhism. Socially Engaged Buddhism is the form of Buddhism that my good friend wrote his Master’s Thesis on. As he is active in the Occupy movement and I am inactive in the Occupy movement, he would be the expert, so I am attempting to learn more about what his methods are. It may be that a synthesis of Socially Engaged methods and my Christianity are due.