With all the shootings lately, I thought this was important. We need to look into a new extension of America. With the American Dream at a snooze right now, due to a poor economic outlook, we should look towards what we can do to further that Dream. Peace is the thing that most mothers want for their children. It is also what Lady Liberty wants for us. There are too many Islamists vs. Christianists spouting their vision of what America should be. When I use the word “Christianist” I mean changing America to spout some Christian view (I mean a parallel to Islamism). America is what it is. It isn’t always perfect due to the plurality involved. We can make it what we want through legal means and not the means of violence, however. Cooperate with your local synagogue, mosque, etc. in service and not in violence against another. Fight your fights in the voting booth and end it appropriately.