I was public schooled, all the way to High School (before I got my GED). I never liked the idea. There is something wrong with teaching people that school is about being social with peers rather than educators (I will use that term to apply to adults in the public school system). While, as we got toward high school, we all developed our favorite Janitors and, some of us, our favorite teachers. However, it was considered to geeky (nerdy?) to say you liked all of your teachers or liked school.

I write of this because I am considered homeschooling my daughter. Her mother (my wife) was homeschooled throughout her education experience (except for one grade). I have heard it said from Chuck Missler that the only biblical form of schooling is home schooling. I disagree. While school isn’t’ much spoken of, there was an educational system put out by the synagogues in First Century AD. The masses would be educated until they became adults and had their rite of passage. The Creme de la Creme would continue until a later phase and then the best of this second group would pass on to life. The better of those would pass to rabbinic training. So, the only biblical forms of schooling are homeschooling AND church schooling. However, the fact that they had it during the days of the Bible, doesn’t mean that public school should not be used. The people of this day couldn’t have said negative things about homeschooling because there was no idea of this at the time.

So, I wonder if I can do it. I’ll finish my Master’s degree before my daughter goes off to school. I plan on re-joining the work force after that time. I wonder if I can help at home in the educational process to a level that would be homeschooling while working. Will I have to leave ti all to my wife? These are important questions that I have been thinking about a lot lately.