Last night, my daughter became sick. We drove to a farther hospital to find one that had better children’s care. This was a decision that was made last time we went to this hospital after my daughter had a UTI (urinary tract infection) and a febrile seizure. The close hospital where my daughter was born has a strange policy when it comes to children. 

All doctor’s are in a strange situation when it comes to those that cannot answer (including small children and the disabled). They desperately need to ask questions but cannot find answers. The hospital where my daughter was born asked questions of my daughter. These questions were asked as one would ask me. They seemed to be frustrated when the questions went answered badly or just plain not at all. They had a children’s waiting room so we considered this to be good.

The hospital we went to last night and after the emergency room where we traveled by ambulance asks Cammy (my daughter) questions in a way that is appropriate for her age. They don’t become frustrated but just smile when no answer is given. They offered my daughter a stuffed animal because hers had been left at home (which she brought home and LOVES). They also offer a “child life specialist” to help children and play with them in dire situations.Image