I recently found a Hackerspace in Tucson called Xerocraft. A hackerspace is a collective or co-operative that allows access to equipment that would normally be cost-prohibitive to most end-users. They normally work on crafting and electronics. There are classes taught by subject matter experts that allow people to gain new skills.

I am going to Xerocraft tomorrow night. I am looking to gain some new skills and probably becoming a member (which normally requires footing a part of the costs). I look forward to it. In the past, my “fun” has been World of Warcraft. While I enjoy playing the game, it seems that I need real life friends and more outside-the-house interaction.


My friend, Myself (no, not me, a Handle), and I have recently gotten back in touch. I haven’t talked to him since his work campaigning in the 2008 election. He has been a mentor of mine in the past and has helped me in staying motivated about my electronics engineering “work” (I haven’t done it for money). I am glad to be back in touch with him.