My daughter has been going through a little rebellious stage. You almost have to scream in a way that scares her when you call her name, in order to stop her from doing something. There are methods of discipline we use besides raising out voice (if that can be called a method of discipline). Anyway, she’s getting to a stage where she does things with a little smirk when you ask her not to do something. I didn’t want a 9-year old two years after her birth. 😛 I’ve been busy with school and my wife with keeping up with Cammy. I didn’t notice some of this until my mother-in-law did. I watch my daughter a lot during the mornings, but she’s been staying closer to her mother (as little girls should). This is something that will have to be worked on. My wife and I will probably not go camping as we’ve been planning until October so we can work on it in September. We’re mainly concerned that most of our camping trip won’t be fun if we don’t have an obedient little girl. So, this is frustrating, but not totally making me angry. I was looking forth to camping, but we have to look for long-term goals for Cammy, first.