I took my exit seminar at Wayland Baptist University today. It is a mandatory class that is taken during one’s last term of their Bachelor’s Degree.

It included three tests. One was a general comprehension test of reading and math. It started out ambiguous and became easier as I got used to what was being asked for. The next test was a question about whether technology was really a good thing or not. I said that it would have to be. We can’t really afford for technology to only be about the new iPhone or computers. Fire and shelter are forms of technology that keep us alive. More interesting was the practice test for the writing exam which asked, “Is the sky blue? Why or Why not?” I game a pseudo-scientific answer about wave-particle theory and such matter. The third part was geared towards my Christian Ministry background and asked about my knowledge. I found it too easy.

The only part I haven’t completed is a short time period of community service. I just need to have someone to write a letter that say that I have done more than they require.

The question (in my case) I have is is this really a barrier to students that have done 130+ hours of college credit? Will this really bar people or is this just something that is done by tradition?

What would you have people do before they finish college?