So, Maker Faire is in New York right now. It’s basically a large hacker space that is only up as a festival. My main problem is that I’m not near New York City but on the opposite side of the country. I know that California sometimes has Maker Faires as well, but money is still an obstacle. One of the problems with living in a medium city is that nothing ever comes here. Instead, they camp out in Phoenix or California. This is a big problem since I am married and all my money isn’t disposable. I remember deciding two days before to travel to Ohio and flying there for Notacon. I also remember renting a hotel for The Last HOPE and letting people stay in the room for a partial payment. It worked out for me because I got company and I got some of the costs lowered. So, I wish I lived in a larger city sometimes, but glad the crime is low here. I’m glad to be married but wish I was more mobile sometimes. So is life.