I just began my Master’s of Arts in History Program at Wayland. I know I said some time ago that I wouldn’t be doing it, but I am. I am taking Social/Intellectual History of the American Family and Military History of WWII. So far it has been very interesting. The class discussions haven’t fully turned me away from regular classroom study, but I do enjoy the interaction I do have.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. I just put up our tree and am waiting to show the family, who haven’t come in from their respective rooms to see it, since they are napping. I’m especially excited to see my daughter’s reaction this year and look forward to decorating it.
I’ve been attempting to stay away from the computer while my daughter is awake the last two days. It’s very difficult since I find myself technologically caught up in the world. Yet, I feel like there is something greater. Pray for me and we’ll see if this keeps up.