I’ve never been to excited to decorate the Christmas tree as an adult. I always was in it as a kid when my mother when through a lot of special effort to keep it exciting, with new ornaments reflecting out hobbies and achievements each year. However, as an adult, I always dreaded the work with putting up a tree.

This year, my daughter needed some getting excited about the tree, so I took the tree (which I bought for my wife last year) and made the best of it. The lights are pre-strung, and we don’t have many ornaments, but I would say it’s a pretty nice tree. It’s artificial but my daughter doesn’t know about real trees in the house. My mother-in-law’s house burnt down as a child, so I’m steering away from the real trees for good.

Anyway, I let my daughter decorate what she could, only to find those ornaments on the floor this morning. Part of that was bad hanging, and part was Cammy won’t leave the tree alone for anything. Well, in trying to keep busy, I need to train her up well, so that’ll sure keep me busy.