I’m starting to see a trend in my Social and Intellectual History of the American Family class.  There are a few women and men that are more egalitarian or even feminist minded in my classes. Where in my ministry classes, pointing out differences in men and women was welcomed it is quite different in my history classes with many being less forward with their religious beliefs. Since it is a Christian college, I assumed my thoughts would be welcomed, but I’m trying my best in my replies to say what I think without sounding like a jerk.

One thing that I pointed out is that I think many men have loose friends while women tend to have tight, emotional relationships with their friends. It was pointed out in one fellow students beliefs that that was a personality rather than gender thing. Unfortunately, neither of us have statistics so we’re speaking in anecdotes. However, I still feel like my observations of those around me was spot on.

Anyway, i’m going out to study today. Won’t be doing so much social networking today, yet I’ll read up later. Have a great day.