I’ve heard it said that one doesn’t really understand the Bible until they have the Holy Spirit upon them. Many Christians are urged to pray as a part of biblical study so that they may gain insights previously hidden. The problem I have with the fact that Christians that I’ve been associated with have urged this, yet Mr. Comfort and company don’t believe that one should pray over the Book of Mormon. The strange problem is that one can’t accept any belief in the Bible (or the Book of Mormon) without a belief in the supernatural. There is an over-usage and an under-usage. One may feel the spirit and let them tell the truth of these scriptures. One may look at historical and other apologetics to find the truth, yet if there is no supernatural… there is no God, then there is no Holy Writ. One must find a balance, because if we’re only looking at one side, we shouldn’t find a worldview that allows for God.