What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I got this question from the WordPress “inspiration” suggestions. I would say the one event that completely changed my life was my service in the military. Second biggest would be my conversion to Christianity. 

My service in the military brought me to Iraq. Shortly after, I began having problems with sleep and some waking functions. While I am proud of my military service, it wasn’t the best thing for my health, however it enabled me to go to school due to my Veteran’s Administration compensation. 

My finding of Yeshua prompted me to enroll in a Christian college in a program for Christian Ministry. While I do not work (per se) in the field, it allows me to study the Bible for myself and engage in useful ministry in my family. 

I had always been close to God yet not knowing which one forced me to do things that weren’t best for me. Spirituality without religion is like a group without any rules to regulate it. My service in the military brought me to Tucson and changed my life for the better ultimately. It also allowed me to meet my wife. It saw the birth of my second child.