So, as I’ve made clear, I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord of all. However, I differ from credal Christianity with one major issue: The Trinity. The Trinity seems to have been an idea brought up later in order to make sense of some of the contradictions in the Bible. It’s influence by Greek thought differs from records of Second Temple thought, according to Margaret Barker, Alan Segal, Larry Hurtado, and Michael Heiser. The threefold formula of Matthew 29:19 doesn’t necessarily mean that the Holy Spirit is God. The Trinity is mentioned by some early church fathers, yet later in a period closer to Constantine after he destroyed made the Church a state institution. I would offer that Binitarianism (a la Segal) and Tritheism makes more sense. Not that these two are simultaneous, but likely one or the other is true. 

This comes after close study of Margaret Barker’s books on Temple Theology. I don’t find these as crises of faith. Sola Scriptura has likely been detrimental to original Christianity and so much has been lost (Barker) in the history of Christian theology. Greek thought through Platonic forms has changed belief in God. Through Sola Scriptura, many have influenced each other to define the Bible by itself. The problem is that with CONTEXT, nothing matters and some context goes to what was widely read by early Jewish peoples. 

I’m not denouncing my Christianity, though likely some will read this and call me something other than Christian. I’m not having a crisis of faith, as I’ve never really believed in the Trinity, but have had a “smile and nod” operatus that works when people mention the Trinity.