Recently, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran’s of America had their 2013 Storm the Hill event. this is a lobbying effort of sorts by Veterans for themselves, rather than using professional lobbyists. The IAVA brings in Veterans from all across the country from many walks of life in order to change a few issues in Veteran’s policy. The main issue this year was ending the VA backlog for compensation and pension. I wasn’t accepted, but as a digital stormer from Storm the Hill 2012, I stayed active on Twitter to make these issues known. We did pretty well, culminating with a broadcast on Rachael Maddow’s show on MSNBC. There is a lot of buzz on the internet from Vets and Veteran’s groups.

I just became aware of the issue of nym rights. A nym is a pseudonym  and with my experience as a hacker, I always went by Grymstone since I was 15 or so. I’ve been to a few major hacker conferences and know many of the people by their pseudonym rather than their real names. This works for other people who may prefer not to use real names on the internet, prefer a females name (in case of LGBT issues), or just doesn’t like their real name. The name we go by in government doesn’t have to be our “real” name because nyms are better for these issues. My name is a bit complicated because I always went by Jeremy but that is just an adjustment of my middle name. It’s led to some confusion when people want to know why I go by Jeremy. Maybe I should go by Grymstone more. 😛

Anyway, everything is going good. Life is well. I’m in my second term on my Graduate degree in history and am enjoying it.