I’ve always wanted to teach since entering college at the age of 23. I didn’t always see it as possible (because I entered college at the age of 23). My PTSD after my Army service rendered that possible. I haven’t worked since 2007, so that has allowed a lot of time for school. I changed avenues and majors, yet here I am in the break before the last two terms of my MA. I’ve been offered to be an adjunct instructor in History when I finish. 

I’ve been reading about the evils of adjunct instructor positions from various post-academics. I’m not disagreeing, but I agree that supply and demand is a major part of Universities as well as Junior colleges. I’ll probably have to hold a full time job for benefits for my family, yet I want to teach “on the side.” 

This week I am printing up my documents to fax into Grand Canyon University for my Ed.D. I have a job interview because I always planned on reentering the workforce. I have some intentions, though a tenured position may never come. I am satisfied with that. There is more to life than a professor position.