Someone I admire from afar is Stephen Hawking. I admire his bravery in fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease, or ALS. He was told he would not live long when he was a young man. He has simply surprised everyone. Experimental medicine and his wheelchair have allowed him to communicate when so many people in his condition simply could not. At first, one of his students would interpret what he was mumbling, but that became impractical after a time. His chair keeps him communicating with the outside world. Many of us would quit if we were left with the diagnosis of Hawking. Instead, he has written books on mathematical problems many of us would not be able to deal with in full capacity. Some of his books are for popular audiences and some, like God Created the Integers, is probably more of a reference book for most of us. I admire Hawking’s will to live and communicate. Another thing I admire about Professor Hawking is his ability to say things about people he does not agree with without fear or reprisal or pissing someone off. He stated that the “Big Band did not need God.” I disagree, as a theist, but still respect Hawking’s work and freedom of speech. That freedom of speech is in a universal type of way rather than an American way. He is British. I must wonder what someone of his magnitude of thought would be able to do with a calculator and full faculties. While it may be possible that his body atrophy has caused his brain to become more powerful, I wonder if the ability to communicate with more people or not use his chair would have created a super brain beyond what he already is.

This is the first in a series of exercises I have found to help me write more. I have found blogging to be difficult without simply posting about my personal life and risking the privacy of my family. I recognize my need to write, but am not sure where I am going sometimes. I hope you enjoy this and other postings that I will put out in the future.