I’ve become more interested in neoreactionary and reactionary thought and how it applies to the relationships between men and women. The only item that I believe has more influence over male/female relationships is the Curse in Genesis 3. Please read:


Elspeth is touting a book for ladies. I grabbed a free sample just to check it out. My impression is positive. I came across her rewrite of Philippians 4:8; worth sharing here:

Finally, my sisters, concerning your husband, if there is anything that is untrue or dishonorable, if you can find an action that is not right, a thought that is impure, if you see anything unlovely, if anything about his work or habits is not commendable, if you can think of one thing about him that is not excellent or praiseworthy, dwell on these things. Reflect on them, chew them over and meditate on them, stir the pot of negative thinking about your man, and the god of griping and discontent will be with you. [1]

I passed on the urge to parse a recent Barbara Rainey article because of how well plowed that ground is, but this satirical…

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